South-Western Railroad

B&P South- 
Western Part 2


Follow the building of the B&P South-Western O Gauge Model Railroad, work on which began in September 2010. 

  • Turnouts: 23, Ross-Custom (16), Atlas (7)
  • Turnout Control: Blue Point Switch Machines - Manually Operated
  • Turntable: Scratch-Built 120' Scale (30")
  • Track Power: Lionel TMCC, MTH DCS, 720 watts
  • Motive Power: Lionel, K-Line, MTH
  • Rolling Stock: Lionel, K-Line, MTH, Weaver, Menards
  • Structures: Ameri-Towne, Plasticville, Scratch-Built
  • Vehicles: Lionel, Historic Rail, MTH, Match Box
  • Figures: Woodland Scenics, Model Power, WeHonest

Our layout design philosophy is to maximize the amount of track devoted to railroad mainlines, sidings and rail yards within the given space we have available. While we use Lionel TMCC and MTH DCS to control all of our locomotives, our 23 turnouts (switches) are manually controlled. This requires train operators to move about the layout as they operate their locomotives.

Additionally, we cut off or rounded layout corners to facilitate movement around the layout. These priorities limit the space available for buildings, street scenes, etc. 

Finally, where we can, we try to scratch-build and/or kitbash layout features.

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Building the B&P South-Western

Home Page Last Update - July 20, 2016

B&P South-Western Railroad

B&P South-Western Railroad Facts




The various Scenes highlighted on our layout reflect our attempts to depict fond memories of Southern California and Southern Nevada. 

  • Layout Room Size: 21.5" X 16.5" 
  • Layout Size: 21.5' X 15.5' Folded Dog-Bone
  • Layout Surface Area: 270 Square Feet
  • Track Type: Atlas O Nickel Silver
  • Track Running Length: 389 Feet
  • Upper Mainline Length: 51 Feet
  • Perimeter Mainline Length: 64 Feet
  • Folded Dog-Bone Mainline Length: 100 Feet
  • Track Curves: Three Mainlines 072 - 099 
  • Track Curves: Sidings/Yards 054 - 072 

​A chronology of building our layout can be followed by clicking on B&P 1,last updated June 16, 2016, or B&P 2, last updated June 16, 2016.

To see how we scratch-built the B&P's 30" O Scale Turntable for less than $350.00 click on B&P O Gauge Turntable, last updated June 16, 2016. Click You Tube to see a video of our turntable in action.

We are proud members of the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA), and the Lionel Operating Train Society (LOTS).

Note: For three years, we built and operated the B&P Garden Railroad (photos upper right) using O Gauge track, locomotives, rolling stock and Lionel’s TMCC as noted in Garden Railroading Primer Articles at Family Garden Trains. If you are interested in alternative approaches to O Gauge Model Railroading, the seven articles about the B&P Garden Railroad and the many articles of others using O gauge outside may be of interest. Link to O Gauge Outside.

Good luck, and Happy Model Railroading 

Background photo taken while riding the Durango & Silverton Railroad, Colorado, 2009.

The slide show "upper-right" contains Home Page Photos and a few photos taken of the B&P Garden Railroad prior to landscaping and its subsequent demolition.

Work on our toy train layout, the B&P South-Western Railroad began in September 2010

B&P Scenes is a Page dedicated to photos and insights about various layout details and and what we are currently up to, last updated June 16, 2016. To preview the B&P South-Western Railroad click on the above photo.

About Us

BPSouthwestern.com is a noncommercial model railroading project dedicated to promoting the enjoyment of toy trains by sharing lessons-learned as we build and operate the B&P South-Western O Gauge Model Railroad.

The B&P South-Western’s model railroading philosophy is that we are builders and operators, not collectors. We try to stay reasonably close to O Gauge’s 1:48 scale, without being obsessive with every minute detail.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail: info@bpsouthwestern.com

B&P O Guage Turntable


See step-by-step how we scratch-built our highly detailed O Scale

30 inch turntable for less than $350.

B&P South- 

Western Part 1


Follow the building of the B&P South-Western O Gauge Model Railroad, work on which began in September 2010.

Latest News from the B&P South-Western ​July 20, 2016

As you know, over the past four years I have been involved with two other Las Vegas area toy train guys and some friends in building the Bellagio Hotel's Christmas train display. Many of you ask about this project each year.

I wanted to let everyone know, that the three Las Vegas Toy Train Guys have decided to call it quits as far as the Bellagio display is concerned. The Bellagio Hotel was notified in May that we would not be participating in the project this year.

To commemorate my participation over the last four years, I put together a video compilation my my four previous videos on this subject.

If your interested, you can see the new video at the following link.  https://youtu.be/QiykrZ6FgeM

What better way to stay cool in the summer than to think about Christmas. HAPPY MODEL RAILROADING

Building and Operating an O Gauge Model Train Layout depicting Southern Nevada

and Southern California

post WW II to Present.

To see Videos of the B&P South-Western Model Train Layout in action and information about recent activities, go to our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Recent Activity on the B&P South-Western see Latest News below or our B&P Scenes Page.